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Implementing Salesforce

Part of the Solution (POTS) is a NYC nonprofit providing vital services to low income families and individuals in the Bronx. A key aspect of POTS’ mission is to help participants overcome barriers of stability in relation to finance, housing, education, health and general day-to-day living—barriers such as living on income far below the poverty-level or not having a form of identification.

POTS had the service solution, but lacked the technology to view (1) the depth of a client’s instability and (2) the corresponding staff actions required to move the client in a more positive direction.

Historically, POTS used paper and pen to track these critical barriers and separately assessed their stability from a series of other comprehensive assessments.


Yurgosky’s team identified core metrics from these assessments and other touch-points to automate and capture stability snapshots over time.


Presenting this data in clean visualizations helps case managers quickly identify needs so they can spend more time strategizing on goal development and less time on data entry.

We also worked with POTS to reimagine how they use the stability assessment for forecasting. Using the basic composition of a credit rating, we collaborated on a framework of quantitative and qualitative factors that affect each subcategory, creating Stability Index and Outlook ratings.


The Index measures how stable the client is today—while the Outlook rating identifies how POTS can improve client stability tomorrow.

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