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Yurgosky was born out of a desire to provide better analytics, products, and services to organizations that make the world a better place. To do this, we have established a model that has dramatically outperformed the industry-standard success rates. Our model is based on three tenets: strategy, analytics, and project management.

Yurgosky Business Model


We define an organization’s operating model and design business processes, we then align the organization with the right tools to improve their workflow. We are extremely transparent in how we work, integrating training to build internal capacity while we build.


Analytics are embedded into everything we do. We define compelling metrics that drive value, adoption and impact, allowing people at every level of an organization to save time and be more effective.

Project Management

We use the right type of project management for each project, and we specialize in Agile. Using Agile project management, we create products through rapid prototyping and iterations that get features into users’ hands quickly and allow them to provide constructive feedback that can be used to enhance the next iteration.

Everyone at Yurgosky is one of three things: (1) Engineer, (2) Business Analyst, and (3) Project Manager. The people working on every project think about how to streamline processes, build better technology and provide an incredible experience to clients. Because of this structure, we do more “workshops” than meetings, more “prototyping” than design documentation, and more “innovation” than “specing”.

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