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Using Data to Drive Student Outcomes

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St. John's Prep is the only all boys school for grades 6 through 12 on the North Shore of Boston. In small classes led by dynamic teachers, St. John's offers a challenging and supportive environment where critical thinking, compassionate problem solving, and creativity grow and flourish.

St. John’s Prep’s data was captured in various, inflexible systems making it difficult for staff to get a full picture of student lives.


Yurgosky consolidated St. John’s Prep’s legacy data management systems into Salesforce to streamline constituent data, minimize administration and improve reporting.


Yurgosky implemented Salesforce and Student Success Hub to provide St. John’s Prep staff with a 360-degree view of student data by consolidating systems and streamlining business processes. This new system improved constituent engagement, staff efficiency and data analytics.

Integration with Google Calendar

Yurgosky built a custom integration between Salesforce and Google Calendar to streamline St. John’s Prep’s students calendar invitations.

Integration with Blackbaud

Yurgosky created a custom integration between Salesforce and Blackbaud, which connects students, classes, grades, attendance and schedules between systems to ensure data is synced, administration is eliminated and staff are aligned.

School Analytics/Reporting & Co-Creation Workshops

Through co-creation workshops, we created comprehensive analytics—reports, views, dashboards, roll-up summaries, record-level analytics—to allow St. John’s Prep to monitor and manage key interactions, easily pull reports and provide real-time data for analysis.


While creating their system, this was a collaborative process with St. John’s Prep staff to simultaneously build internal understanding and capacity.

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