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Co-Creating Impact for Program Management

Lacasa is a community development nonprofit operating in Elkhart County, Indiana—since 1970— with a focus on community building & engagement, neighborhood revitalization, financial empowerment and housing stability. With a focus on safe, attractive, and affordable housing, Lacasa provides a range of services to achieve their  mission through five lines of business, including: Community Building and Engagement, Tenant Resources, Real Estate Development, Asset and Property Management, and Financial Empowerment Center.


  • Unified Lacasa's multifaceted services into a cohesive data hub, streamlining information flow for improved operational synergy

  • Enhanced internal operations by digitizing processes, bolstering organizational capacity to deliver housing, education, and revitalization services effectively

  • Built internal capacity by co-building the database with staff and senior technical staff at Yurgosky, resulting in less reliance on outside resources after launch and ultimately lower cost and better workflows


  • Streamlined contact management and engagement processes, integrating surveys, events, emails and referrals for effective communication and interaction with clients

  • Implemented robust tracking systems for program referrals, which provided the ability to monitor client outcomes and record attendance in programs. This included tracking client engagement with classes, managing community organization referrals and ensuring comprehensive data collection

  • Facilitated efficient grant reporting procedures and created post-program surveys to evaluate program success metrics. This involved setting up reminders for follow-ups with clients, conducting quantitative analysis of survey results and utilizing SurveyMonkey integration for data collection

Lacasa partnered with Yurgosky to streamline their operations by migrating from their previous system to a personalized Salesforce instance. Our collaborative approach involved conducting co-creation workshops that involved configuring the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) in real-time. Leveraging custom objects and flows, we replicated Lacasa's existing workflows while enhancing reporting metrics.

The integration of personalized dashboards across internal departments amplified visibility and operational efficiency—ultimately contributing to drive Lacasa's mission of community empowerment and sustainable housing solutions in Elkhart County.

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