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Re-Implementing Salesforce

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FreeWheel is an agent of Comcast which automates the planning, buying, optimization and reporting for TV media purchasing across a national footprint.

FreeWheel engaged Yurgosky to complete a full audit and re-deployment of their Salesforce instance in order to create sustained value from the system.

Through the course of the engagement, Yurgosky (1) evaluated FreeWheel’s business processes, (2) researched relevant 3rd party tools, (3) analyzed the Salesforce architecture and code, (4) evaluated under-utilized Salesforce functionality and (4) created thorough documentation of recommended changes.


On the basis of the evaluation, FreeWheel then engaged Yurgosky to build out the recommended system enhancements.

The result of the project was a dramatically improved Salesforce platform, focused on FreeWheel’s business goals—which included operational efficiencies, such as automation of financial reporting processes and sales analytics, which reduced errors and cost.


Additionally, Yurgosky built a custom application that modified the standard Salesforce calendar to align with the “broadcast calendar”, which significantly reduced forecasting and revenue attribution errors.


Yurgosky also designed a more user-friendly configuration that improved adoption by their sales and customer success teams, leading to accurate forecasts and sustained revenue growth.

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