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Creating a Strategy for a Better Technology Ecosystem

College Track is a national educational nonprofit organization that supports under-represented, first-generation students to graduate from college and close the opportunity gap.

In 2017, Yurgosky engaged with College Track to develop a strategic plan for revamping their technology ecosystem. Though they were on Salesforce, their customization did not meet their needs. Program-related data collection was arduous and time-consuming, making data entry difficult for staff and ultimately making the data unreliable for exploratory analytics.

The Yurgosky team met with all six of College Track’s program departments to determine their strategic goals, business processes, data collection methods and key pain points. After discovery, Yurgosky created a board-ready strategic document that detailed a framework which was used to evaluate different solutions.

The document detailed recommendations for (1) the best available technologies, (2) the ideal platform model and design, (3) the most useful, cost-effective applications and tools and (4) three potential implementation scenarios.

Beyond solely a recommendation, the document detailed rationale for each recommendation including evaluated (but not selected) options—as well as rational to create the most value-focused suite of technology to meet the organization’s needs.


At the conclusion of the strategy project, College Track worked with Yurgosky to implement the recommendations.


Yurgosky then built the selected system, migrated the data, introduced user-friendly data collection tools and provided College Track the capability to conduct robust analysis of their programs.

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