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From Lead to Enrollment in Half the Time

Breakthrough Public Schools is one of the top-performing networks of public charter schools in Cleveland, Ohio. Their mission is to provide Cleveland area scholars with an education that empowers them to lead lives full of impact and opportunity.


  • Simplified family enrollment while ensuring every scholar received appropriate services

  • Efficiently managed thousands of leads using CRM methodologies

  • Increased family engagement

Outcomes - A Streamlined Experience for Families and Staff

  • Decreased inquiry response times from weeks to hours

  • Standardized the enrollment pipeline across the organization

  • Sped up processes for staff and family and decreased user error with Innovative data verification, communication and Salesforce-native automation

  • Multilingual translation and mobile experience solved communication and computer access barriers for families

Breakthrough Public Schools transitioned to a unified Salesforce CRM platform leveraging our enrollment solution to efficiently manage thousands of leads, streamline enrollment, and increase family engagement. 


The standardized, automated application pipeline cuts time from lead to enrollment in half, improves communication, increases staff efficiency and clarifies data.

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