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Fundraising: From Prospect to Recurring Donor

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Breakthrough New York empowers motivated students from low-income backgrounds to graduate from college and access a fulfilling career. They provide the academic preparation, guidance and mentoring that students need to be able to attend selective four-year colleges.

With a powerful mission and an ambitious former Breakthrough graduate at the helm, the organization has experienced huge growth, attracting thousands of donors and millions of dollars.

Their previous systems couldn’t keep pace with their rise and left the team drowning in unorganized data, making analysis and reporting a time-intensive ordeal. It was imperative to get the data out of the old system and into the new one quickly.


Yurgosky worked with Breakthrough to rapidly set-up and customize Salesforce. Historical data was pulled from the old system, cleaned and uploaded.


Breakthrough went live in the system and were immediately able to report and analyze their data like never before. Once they were up and running, the Yurgosky team added automated processes to free-up even more staff time.

A key goal of implementing the new system was to better understand Breakthrough donors and leads, in order to increase donation size and reduce the time it took to convert a lead.


Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, Yurgosky built creative and innovative enhancements, including an algorithm to project the annual ‘ask’ Breakthrough could request from a donor, as well as a daily digest report that alerts the executive director of upcoming donor stewarding tasks.


The flexibility of Salesforce also allowed us to create a dynamic network visualization application to show connections between donors at Breakthrough.

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