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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total cost involved with a company Web site? 

A web site needs to be planned from the start with an idea of content and layout, followed by design and programming. Then you need a Web server to host your web site files on the Internet. As an analogy, we can design a wonderful phone for you, but you need to hook up with the telephone company to use it. With this in mind, also provides web hosting services to connect your web site with the rest of the world!

Rest assured, will not only design your web site, but will assist you in taking all the steps to getting your site on the Internet. Each site's cost will depend on the type of site, and how you want to present your organization or business on the Internet. Will your site be about corporate information, or perhaps an online store to sell your products worldwide? 

How much does charge for designing and developing my Web site? will give a free estimate after our initial consultation, depending on what you require for your Web site. Usually, if you are unsure what you want and have to start on a tight budget, we can recommend a "starter site" that will at least get your basic company information, logo, and contact information in Web format. You can always have us add to this site in the future. normally charges on an hourly basis and/or per-project basis, depending on the type of project required.

The pricing greatly depends on the type of site you want for your company. This can vary from basic "business card on the web" sites to detailed corporate informational sites. Also, you may have products you need to sell online, involving work with a solid e-commerce solution. 

We feel that offering you "cookie-cutter" layouts at static prices will not help fill your company Web site needs. We do not take the "assembly line" approach to web design, but rather a "one-on-one" approach to place a quality, informative Web site on the Internet.

What is a company domain name? Do I need one? 

A company domain name allows web browsers to link to your site. Each web site has a unique IP address (for example, To make it easy for people to browse the web, domain names were created to link to these addresses. Common examples include or With domain names, you don't have to memorize a set of numbers to get to a particular web site. 

InterNIC, the governing agency for all domain names in the U.S., charges a flat $70 fee for the first two years to register a name, and $35 per year thereafter. Why do it? It gives your company a professional presence on the internet. It also helps with name recognition of your company on the Internet. Customers and prospects tend to remember your web address when it is related to your company, rather than a sub-address assigned to you by for personal pages (for example, "").

Many names are being snapped up fast. If you are not yet ready to build your web site, but have definite plans to do so, we recommend you reserve your domain name right away.

For additional information on registering your domain name, Contact us today!

How do I market my new website?

Well, it takes dedication, knowledge, experience, and hours of work. There are many low-cost ways an individual or small company can market their website. Some of which are detailed below:

  • Your website address on all printed material, your truck or company car, and all printed advertising. 

  • Manual placement on search engines. (requires knowledge of search engines and HTML optimization.) 

  • And a signature file at the end of your e-mail with a hyperlink to your website. 

Here are some of the methods used by

  • Web Rings
  • E-mail response forms (targeted e-mail list) 
  • Autoresponders 
  • Banner advertising, the paid type, either CPM or click-thru based 
  • Automated search engine placement on search engines, ffa's, directories. 
  • Reciprocal links 
  • Print advertising 
  • eBay Stores 
  • Press Releases
  • Search Engines carefully analyses each clients site to determine an appropriate blend of current marketing technologies at an affordable cost. 

Does provide more than just web page design? 

Yes! In addition to web page design and hosting, we provide solutions ranging from e-commerce development to creation of your company intranet. Whereas five years ago the best you could hope for was a static "brochure" on the internet, you can now distribute your transactional applications from your computer to the web. can also assist you in writing a business plan or marketing plan.  Have a great business idea but not sure on how to get started?  Our consulting will guide you as you prepare a business plan which will walk you through the steps of getting started in business.  Then once you're in business this plan will act as an instruction manual for you to follow so you don't veer off course.

My company already has a Web site and it needs improvement or change. Can you help? 

Sure! During our initial consultation, we can determine if your site has broken links, outdated information, poor HTML coding (slow or buggy), ease of navigation, and more. Also, perhaps you would like to upgrade your company web site from a product brochure into a fully-optimized shopping cart system. wants to help you make sure your site, whether it is a one-page business card or hundreds of pages of information, is optimized for the Web and easily accessible and understood by your customers.

How can you help our organization with Fund Raising ?

Yurgosky Consulting works with your organization to raise money through the use of eBay Auctions. Check out our Fund Raising page for additional details.

Wait! This FAQ didn't answer all of my questions. 

Don't worry! You can contact us for any questions you may have. Also, you can call us at (570) 222-2323 to speak with the first representative available, or email us at info@

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